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Sounds of the Revelation


Hailing from Kansas City, historically celebrated for deep jazz roots and world-renowned barbecue, The Brownz, are a hard-hitting husband and wife hip-hop duo consisting of Columbus Brown (Young Fierce) and Melena (Rose Brown). Coming from a musical church family, Columbus’ first music endeavors were based in R&B, but like his wife, he was deeply inspired by 2Pac as a young adult, initiating a curiosity and passion for hip hop. Influenced by the distinct and eclectic variations of hip hop coming from all regions of the U.S. in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, their current sound fuses jazz, funk, soul, gospel and hip hop with lyricism worthy to be compared to the likes of Andre 3000, J Cole, Nas, D Smoke and Kendrick Lamar.

               The duo have collaborated both in the studio and via live performance with some of KC’s most talented jazz and neo soul musicians including We The People, The James Ward Band, Lee Langston, Asa Barnes & Bobby Adams. In November of this year, The Brownz  release a lyrical 8-song group project with fellow Hip-Hop artist, S.H.A.D.O.W. as “D.E.M.” (Destroy Everything Moving).

 Over the last 3 years, The Brownz focus has been on consistently releasing quality singles with memorable visuals and building their Omegalistic Music brand through their social media platforms. Firmly believing that the music an artist creates carries a message that is either medicine or poison to the listener, The Brownz remain committed to making feel-good music that has a positive, Christ-filled, non-violent message that is lyrically appealing to the most passionate of Hip Hop heads and is stylish enough to entice even non-Believers to take a listen.

The Brownz